Documenting  the journey of a lifestyle in order to connect Mind, Body, and Soul.  Providing inspired posts with an overall aim to bridge understandings to our true nature.  

"Our soul is like a flower,  just bloom"

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Wellness & Chakras

Chakras serve as the energy centers that power our mind, body, and spirit. Understanding the mechanics of your individual chakras can help create a blueprint for your own self care and life balance. Chakras not only regulate the immune system, but also emotions. They contain all the information of your body. Learning and developing your own chakras can bridge the connection between mind, body, and spirit and ultimately lead to a more balance life. Learn all about chakras with this video.

Discovering My True Nature

Today, I decided to let go of every painful experience up until this point. I will finally provide myself the opportunity to fully cry – to fully feel all the hurt – to fully feel where each pain exists [in my body] – to fully admit to myself why each painful event hurt my spirit, all this to lead me further into myself. I cry unapologetically because I know this would be my final cry. From this point forward, each feeling from those painful moments will be embraced and then transmuted into fuel for the use of expression of creative pain, fueled by the recognition of how that pain used to hurt but is now simply a reminder of what I hope to achieve. This fuel is for purpose of serving as “

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