The air plant, the Tillandsia Tectorum is one of the most exquisite species air plants.  Resembling something between a spider and centipede with white legs, the roof airplant has very narrow leaves that are lined with fuzzy white hairs. It is a frost-tender perennial bromeliad from the higher elevations of the northern Andes in South America.  Not only is the Tecturom beautiful, it is also one of the most drought tolerant of all the species! Small sizes measure 3-4 inches and Large 5 inches +.  ***Purchase is for plant only***


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Air plants Tillandsia are the perfect plant for brown thumbs! They are very forgiving, easy to care, and need no soil to grow.  Air Plants are perfect for craft projects, smaller terrariums, or just a nice batch of mini-sized plants to keep your larger plants company.

Tectorum Airplant


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