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Discovering My True Nature

Today, I decided to let go of every painful experience up until this point. I will finally provide myself the opportunity to fully cry – to fully feel all the hurt – to fully feel where each pain exists [in my body] – to fully admit to myself why each painful event hurt my spirit, all this to lead me further into myself. I cry unapologetically because I know this would be my final cry.

From this point forward, each feeling from those painful moments will be embraced and then transmuted into fuel for the use of expression of creative pain, fueled by the recognition of how that pain used to hurt but is now simply a reminder of what I hope to achieve. This fuel is for purpose of serving as “the push” through each upcoming obstacle. This final cry is also to acknowledge my spiritual weakness that contributed to the pain – pain used as fuel to correct those weak areas while using my environment as confirmation on my progress. The direction continues to be up – awakening to the spirit I believe is hidden deep down in the depths of my soul waiting to come out and be seen. Waiting to show its form that was molded in the form of beauty. Beauty like that of a flower’s bloom.

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