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Lower Mabuhay Village, Bansilan PH

Lower Mabuhay Village is a small farm community in the remote area of the Philippines. Like most farm communities in the Philippines, Mabuhay Village consists of hard working yet extremely underprivelaged families. Average daily income for a full days work is approximately 100 pesos, or $2 US dollars. Many families sacrifice basic needs in order to survive.

I have visited this community because I have family living there. I am always amazed how this community works together to survive while exuding such strong work ethic and gratitude in spite of having little resources. I watched workers on the rice fields "fiddle" with old farm equipment for 3-4 hours before being able to start the work day. Of course, this is a normal day for them given their equipment is outdated and always in need of repair.

My aunt, known as Ate Fe, manages the farm in which the village work. She provides villagers with working opportunities on her farm, food for the workers AND their families to eat, and even housing at times in need. She provides all this for the village, while she also lives in extreme poverty and struggles to survive. She carries an entire village, enabling many others the opportunity to survive and provide, while still having no working bathroom and many other items we take for granted in our society. She provides, not because she has much, but because she has a very big heart. She gives us her sleeping area, a raised table with blanket, while she finds sleep elsewhere to allow us comfort during our visits. Of course, she would have it no other way.

On my last visit to Mabuhay Village, we were welcomed with the entire community to greet us with our faces plastered on a welcome banner. This is the kind of warm-hearted woman my Ate Fe is. Having very little, she always tries to help in whatever manner she can. My goal is to raise money for her and the village of Mabuhay to allow them with basic living that will allow them to grow their community. Basic living consisting of clothing, community bathroom, updated farm equipment, and improved kitchen. Her home is the village's home. My hope is for them to upgrade their daily living and also improve farming equipment to encourage growth in Mabuhay Village. Any amount can help. Even as little as $100 US can pay for shipment (balikbayan box) of clothing to the farm children. This village is strong, resilient, and ready to work - but simply need resources. Resources: Capital Equipment Improvements [Farm/Agri] Community Bathroom Living Upgrades Donations [Balikbayan Box]

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