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The Sacral Chakra and its meaning for the human body

The Sacral Shakra, sometimes referred to as the Creativity or Sex Chakra, comprises the second primary chakra of the human body and can be found roughly 3 inches underneath the navel on the front of the body. On the back of the body it is located at the height of the hip bones.Its Sanskrit name is Svadhisthana chakra (sometimes written Swadhisthana) which means “one’s own home/place”. The root svad further has the meaning of to like or enjoy and to taste, which also may explain why the sacral chakra is connected with the sense of taste. The main aspects that are governed by the second chakra are physical emotions, desires and sexuality. It provides us with fluidity and grace and enables us to connect with others through feelings, desires and sensations as well as movement.On a physical level the sacral chakra is associated with the whole pelvic area, the reproductive organs and the gonads, the kidneys and the bladder. It regulates the production of all body liquids like blood, the lymph, digestive juice and sperm. As it regulates all liquids in the body it is connected to the element of water.The second chakra relates to the sensual aspects of sexuality and facilitates a feeling of deep connection with the fertilizing and receiving energies in nature and the own creativity. A balanced sacral chakra is not only important for the general flow of life force but also for sexual fulfillment with its inherent emotions and desires and the ability to accept changes.

Sacral Chakra blockages

The sacral chakra processes all sensual, sexual and emotional experiences. A blockage of the 2nd chakra may be caused through either the lack of such experiences or too intense experiences, like sexual abuse. As the sacral chakra matures in childhood, blockages quite often result from this time if adolescents aren’t supported in the development of their unique self expression or if they are lacking love and respect from their immediate environment. A repression of sexual desires and experiences in teenage times may further lead to imbalances or blockages of the second chakra.

A blocked or deficient sacral chakra may show in a lack of vitality and the inability to enjoy life with all its sensual experiences. It may further show in the incapability to connect with others which may result in a repression of the own sexuality. An over-activity of the orange chakra on the other hand may lead to sexual addiction like nymphomania.

On a physical level a sacral chakra blockage may show in diseases of the reproductive organs, menstruation pain, erectile dysfunction, kidney and bladder diseases as well as lower back and hip pain.

Sacral Chakra healing

We can heal the sacral chakra if we become able to open up to the flow of life force through our body which will lead to joyful interactions with the world and people around us. In order to do that we have to develop a healthy relationship to our sensual vitality that finds expression through creative and social activities as well as our sexuality.

Powerful tools that support a sacral chakra healing are appropriate affirmations, chakra mediations and visualizations as well as any energy work, i.e. Reiki or crystal healing work. Surround yourself with orange colors, whether it is in your clothing or jewelry. Especially the use of stones and crystals in vibrant orange will have a harmonizing and balancing effect and further support the chakra healing.

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