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The Throat Chakra and its meaning for the human body

The Throat Chakra, sometimes referred to as the Blue Chakra, is the 5th primary chakra in the human body and is located slightly underneath the larynx. The major aspects related to this chakra are communication, self-expression, truth and creativity. As one of its major aspects is communication the blue chakra is related to the sense of hearing and the element ether.

In Sanskrit the fifth chakra is called Vishudda chakra which can be translated as “very pure, clear, honest, and virtuous”. It is the chakra that connects us with the higher transpersonal mind and processes experiences of self expression, especially through the highest truth of our soul.

On a physical level the throat chakra governs the whole neck, throat and jaw area, including the voice, gullet and trachea, the bronchia and upper lungs and the nose and ears. It is further associated to the thyroid and the production of thyroxin, which is essential for the energy metabolism.

When the throat chakra gets activated, acquired dogmas are reviewed in the light of one’s own truth; and self-determination, independence and freedom as soul is achieved. Through the throat chakra the soul is able to express its individuality in form of communication and creative activities like singing, playing or composing music, art, acting or literature.

People with an open throat chakra are connected to their higher self and able to express themselves and their truth easily. Being totally authentic towards themselves and others, they are able to share their thoughts and emotions, while fully accepting own shortfalls. In conversation they tend to be very good listeners as they are capable of understanding others from a higher perspective. With an open throat chakra the identification with the ego disappears and makes room for the clear expression of the soul.

Throat Chakra blockage

As the throat chakra processes our self expression, people with a blocked throat chakra will usually show communication problems with others. They have a hard time to listen but also to express their needs, wishes and ideas. With a blocked throat chakra people will likely have low self-esteem which may show in its extreme in stammering or mumbling. As also their creative self expression is disturbed their souls dwarf in the colorless perceived world around them. Especially difficult life circumstances and experiences in the late teenage, early twEens may lead to a blockage of the heart chakra.

On a physical level a blocked throat chakra can manifest in recurring infections of the throat and the sinuses or infections of the oral cavity, the teeth and the gums. It may further show in under or over-activity of the thyroid and its related problems like i.e. listlessness or jumpiness.

Throat Chakra healing

In order to connect with the transpersonal mind and the ability to communicate and express our soul’s unique beauty it is necessary to heal the throat chakra. It is important to be truly honest to ourselves and the people around us, to live according to our higher inner truth without being in need any more for outer acceptance. Any activities that include the use of the voice like singing, loud reading, speaking in front of an audience or just having a conversation are first steps to heal a blocked throat chakra.

Supportive for the healing of the chakra is further energy work like Reiki, yoga and the use of throat chakra stones or crystals during meditations or energy work. In general, all blue stones and crystals will have a balancing effect on the chakra.

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