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Meditation | Relaxation Music


Yellow Brick Cinema’s healing music and acoustic flute music helps reduce anxiety and restore inner peace to help you to achieve ultimate Zen. This calm music acts as much needed stress relief music during this unsettling time of quarantine. Our flute music uses ambient instrumental flute music and Native American flute to bring about soothing relaxation for body and mind and is therefore great to use in a spa as spa music or Zen music.

You could even create your own home spa or Zen space using our peaceful music. It also makes excellent focus music and music for studying. Whether you are at work or putting in long hours of study, our concentration music and focus music will help you. Our beautiful relaxing music is ideal meditation music and stress relief music, with the calm flute music soothing you as you unwind. This can also be used as yoga music for your yoga practice. Our Tibetan music and Tibetan flute music is ideal sleep music and studying music as the flute inspires relaxation.


Youtube Channel: Yellow Brick Cinema

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