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Location: Lower Mabuhay Village, Bansilan Philippines

In 2018, we built a multi-family home for local village, providing free rent for dwelling. In 2019, local earthquakes in Davao damaged this home beyond repair. Although this home is unstable and not safe, residents including husband, wife, and 2 children, have moved back inside the home to live.

As a follow-up to the damages caused by the earthquakes, we had the kids take and send us photos of the current state of their home [shown below]. We are currently focused on rebuilding this community so this family, as well as Ate Fe and her family, can have a safe home to live and thrive. We are seeking funding to demolish and rebuild these 2 homes.

Overall, everyone is happy and doing well.


Tasha Abdul-Ali

Just Bloom!®


Tax ID information provided with donations


Home Damages:

Funding includes:

Home Demolish + Rebuild [2] Capital Equipment Improvements [Farm/Agri] Community: Bathrooms, Schools, Technology, Basketball Court, Garden Living Upgrades Donations [Balikbayan Box]

Programming: Incubators

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