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Freshly harvested mood moss, also commonly known as Broom moss, Fork moss, or Windswept moss  is a great vivarium plant to have in an enclosure.  A beautiful addition to any shade loving plant arrangement, bonsai garden, or terrarium.  We offer one of the most impressive selections of extra-fresh, great quality mosses.  Purchase includes MOSS ONLY.  Moss home decor photos are project samples from some of our happy customers. 


This moss can be used in shaded areas outdoors as landscape design!  Often used between flagstones and also used as ground cover in the garden, this plush moss is soft and nice on bare feet.  Once established, moss will continue to grow and thrive!


Our moss is freshly harvested and packaged/shipped in dried form.  We provide plant care instructions with each purchase.    Order will include various shapes/sizes of moss cushions.  We carry in 3 different sizes


Quart - 7 in x 7 in

Gallon -  10 in x 10 in. 


Mood Moss | Live

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