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Terrarium Workshops

Bloomers looking to create your own terrarium?  Our terrarium workshops are great for schools, nursing homes, birthday parties, and so much more!  We provide a variety of packages that include everything needed to create your very own living environment.  An awesome Bloom member will provide each bloomer with guidance on building their terrariums and also provide instructions on future care for your plants. These guys are fun to build and make great company at home!

Bloom Your Office Space

Transform office space into an actual living and breathing space.  Our selection of plants and terrarium pieces feature living plants that breath life into your space.  We create a natural environment that bring good vibes to employees and clients alike with our selection of terrariums and plants. 

Custom Terrariums

Create your own custom terrarium.  We create a miniature world inside custom hand blown glassware.  Contact us today!

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