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How to care for your air plants

Watering: Many people make the mistake of believing air plants live only off air. Well, actually, no they don't. These plants may not live in soil, but they do need water! When you get your air plants, you'll want to soak them in a small container of water for 20-30 minutes. Try to use filtered, well, or rain water if you can as regular municipal water from the tap can have harmful chlorine. Gently shake the water off your plants and allow them to dry completely before placing them in their new homes. You'll need to repeat this soaking ritual once a week in order for your plants to stay hydrated. They may live without this weekly process but not grow to their full potential.

Make sure not to let your air plant sit in water or soil for extended periods of time. (They get their nutrients through their leaves, not through their roots.)

Light: Air plants love bright, but indirect, light. While bright, indirect light is best, they can also thrive in direct indoor light, if that's the best available spot. Just make sure to mist them with a spray bottle every couple of days, and consider moving them if the direct light seems too much for a particular plant. You can even keep your plants outside as long as they are in filtered light. (Just be sure to water them more often than indoor plants.)

Grooming: If some of the lower leaves of your plant have dried out, you can gently pull off those withered stems. You can also snip any tips of leaves that have dried out as well. Don't worry about hurting your plant; the leaves will grow back.

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