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Meet Your Species: Tasha Ali


Recently, I had a chance to sit and talk with my friend Heath as a guest on his "Meet Your Species" podcast. We had an up-close, completely "off the cuff," discussion about my personal journey. We talked about a range of subjects from growing up as a biracial child in south Georgia to my life as mom of 2 kids having worked in professional careers of finance & accounting before ultimately choosing entrepreneurship. So, check out this episode of "Meet Your Species" to get to know me, Tasha Ali.


YouTube Channel: Meet Your Species

Welcome to the Meet Your Species podcast, where we get to know different people, find out what makes them tick, and see their world view. Since our world is made up of the people we've met, this is an effort to listen to & understand each other so that we can get to know who the people in our world are, what they think, and expand our world view together.



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