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Chakras | ‪Sacral: Guided Meditation

Sacral Chakra healing

We can heal the sacral chakra if we become able to open up to the flow of life force through our body which will lead to joyful interactions with the world and people around us. In order to do that we have to develop a healthy relationship to our sensual vitality that finds expression through creative and social activities as well as our sexuality.

Powerful tools that support a sacral chakra healing are appropriate affirmations, chakra mediations and visualizations as well as any energy work, i.e. Reiki or crystal healing work. Surround yourself with orange colors, whether it is in your clothing or jewellery. Especially the use of stones and crystals in vibrant orange will have a harmonizing and balancing effect and further support the chakra healing.

Sacral Chakra Meditation

Guided Sacral chakra meditation with effective affirmations to open and balance your head chakra

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