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Music and the Soul

Music and the Soul | Giving Life To the Mundane

By Tasha Ali

What is it about music that can turn an ordinary task of sweeping the floors into a family jam session with everyone grabbing brooms for guitars? There is something magical about music and its ability to raise each of us into some form of action or play, or both! For instance, just the other day a conversation with a group of friends in their workshop suddenly turned into a one of us rapping, another playing percussion, one spinning a fire stick, and me dancing to the tunes. Of course none of this was planned- it actually unfolded like magic. There we were, in our childlike selves, having the time of our lives! I mean, there was no better way to have started my day - I felt amazing afterwards, feeling energized off good vibes.

Music has the ability to attune with our soul and to provide, for some, much needed energizing and even healing. Some may agree that music is a form of therapy; while others may even be moved closer towards a meaningful cause or movement "for purpose." Historically, we have seen movement of entire nations at the prompt of a song that connects to the spirit of its people and moves them in a positive direction. Music resonates at a deep level and has always had the ability to transcend barriers such as language, color, religion, and political views. Consider this, who better to have connected with those deeply in the inner cities than Tupac in the 90's? Tupac's uplifting messages resonated with many single black women on welfare who managed to "keep their heads up" during a time when no corporations or politicians even cared to reach black women. The heart and passion from Bob Marley's music drove people to practice self love, which ultimately becomes love shared with others, with the famous quote, "Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing gonna be all right." Bob Marley was able to generate feelings from the heart space of people, the higher vibrations within people that is fun, loving, and also healthy.

Philosophers such as Plato, were aware of the tremendous influence music had on society. He states, "Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue." Socrates believed music was the most potent instrument over any other. In fact, Socrates stated "rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul, on which they mightily fasten, imparting grace, and making the soul of him who is rightly educated graceful, or of him who is ill-educated ungraceful."

We cannot deny the feeling music provides. Music provides, in it's own way, a better quality to living. With the addition of music, life is made more fun, design is made more beautiful, and the unaware become more awake. Music is power. However, you don't have to take my word for it. Simply try music out for yourself!

Video: Justin Timberlake | Can't Stop the Feeling

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