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The Crown Chakra and its meaning for the human body

The Crown Chakra or sometimes referred to as the Head chakra comprises the 7th primary chakra of the human body and is located at the top of the head with its energy vortex pointing upwards. Whereas the root chakra is connecting us with the earth and matter in general, the crown chakra connects us with universal consciousness. Although some people refer to it as the purple chakra, the crown chakra resonates primarily with white, clear and gold color. The crown chakra is the bridge between the individual and infinity, the gate to enlightenment.In Hindu tradition the crown chakra is called Sahasrara Chakra, which has the meaning of infinite or thousand fold which emphasizes its connection to the eternal source that creates and contains everything there was, there is and there will be. On a physical level the crown chakra is related to the brain and the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland acts as control center for all the other glands as it produces many hormones that stimulate the processes in the other glands. It is further responsible for the proper growth of organs and glands and regulates the sexual development.Very few people have an absolutely open balanced crown chakra, in fact these people are what we would consider “enlightened”. Enlightened human beings experience oneness with all there is, they understand that being separate from other beings is an illusion to enable our souls having physical experiences. People with an open crown chakra live in a constant state of joyful bliss, are free of pain or fear and even desires as they recognize the real truth, the oneness behind the apparent duality of the physical world.

Opening the Crown Chakra

In order to heal and open the crown chakra it is necessary to discover the own spirituality and to recognize the bigger truth and reality behind our obvious existence. Regular spiritual practices like meditation, prayer, and the concentration on the highest goal in life are beneficial, if not necessary practices for the opening of the crown chakra. The use of crown chakra stones during meditations or energy work, or simply worn as jewelry will enhance the activation and opening of the chakra as well. For the crown chakra supportive are especially clear quartz, phenakite and Herkimer diamond.For the opening of the crown eye chakra it may be necessary to adjust our life style. The higher our consciousness rises in the chakras and therefore our energy and frequency, the more important it becomes to adjust our diet. We have to avoid eating a lot of grounding products (i.e. meats) and include more and more organic raw vegetables that will support an uplifting of our energy. Also, we need to reduce the intake of fluoride to a minimum (tooth paste, water), as this will further calcify the pineal gland and disconnect us from higher guidance. We should spend as much time as possible in a natural environment (forests, mountains, etc.).As the crown chakra comprises the complimentary chakra for the root chakra, it is necessary to have a strong root chakra in order to work on the crown chakra. Make sure your root chakra is strong and balanced before you actually start working on the crown chakra.Symptoms for the opening of the crown chakra may vary from a tingling especially at the top of the head over pressure to severe headaches.

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